Delivering tested software

Delivering software that's been proven to do exactly what you expect from it.

At tentwentyfour1024, we create software that is thoroughly tested before we deploy it on a customer's infrastructure. In fact, our development process makes sure all code ever written adheres exactly to the behaviour a customer expects from their product.

We write tests first, which guarantees that the software we develop, and the product we deliver is proven to be working according to your expectations. Behaviour Driven Development means less bugs in your software and in the end, a lower total cost of ownership for you.

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Web Applications

We agree that the future of applications lies in the browser. We develop cross-platform, fast and beautiful web-based applications based on open standards known to scale. (+)

Connecting your Data

Loosely connecting existing applications and their data is often more efficient and cost effective than creating something entirely new from scratch. We design and develop systems that integrate well with existing infrastructure. (+)

System Administration

Whether deploying an application on your server or maintaining your existing infrastructure, we bring all the necessary know-how to operate your server infrastructure. (+)


Behaviour Driven Development

We create software based on your story. Tell us what you need and we develop your application according to the expected behaviour, scenario by scenario, step by step. (+)

Code Quality

We not only implement the required features, we also care that the code we write works flawlessly. You don't have to take our word on that, you can see for yourself! (+)


We understand that the data you entrust us with must stay safe and away from prying eyes. Staying up to date on the current security threats out there, we make sure your data stays yours only. (+)

About Us

Founded in June 2013, tentwentyfour is a young technology start-up determined to deliver high-quality, thoroughly tested web applications and outstanding customer service.

At tentwentyfour, we strive to create a new type of customer experience. Geeks at heart, we not only work in Information Technology, we're passionate about it! Operating out of the Technoport business incubator located in Esch-Belval, our main objectives are being fast, being honest and delivering high quality services to our customers. We love what we do and that's what allows us to work hard while having fun at it. We're giving our best to grow a company you'll enjoy working with, because that's exactly the company we enjoy working for.